This 75,000 sq ft renovation has re-imagined how shoppers and visitors will experience Les Galeries de la Capitale, a 1.5 million sq ft super regional shopping centre located in Québec City. Providing an updated, fresh approach, the project is relocating and re-imaging the food court to the upper level with a clean, attractive assortment of dining options, plus a newly visual separation the famous Méga Parc indoor amusement park. The scope includes updated materials and treatments to flooring, ceilings, lighting, and railing systems. Customer-oriented entrances, easy wayfinding, and welcoming seating areas will transform this shopping destination, and attract new high-quality tenants and more shoppers to the centre court of the mall.

JPRA Architects | Galeries de la Capitale JPRA Architects | Galeries de la Capitale

Indoor amusement park frames a fresh, customer-oriented shopping center.

JPRA Architects | Galeries de la Capitale
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