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You need it fast? We’ve got this for you.


Rightsizing the Green

Informed Intuition Drives Master Planning

Having confidence in a plan is a great luxury. Many of life’s decisions are based on what we call “informed intuition.” We gather information, read, experience things for ourselves, and then make an informed decision based on what we have learned. We can make the best decisions with our collective experiences. Rightsizing the common area in a new mixed-use project is not formulaic. Many factors can play into this critical decision. The size of buildings, the expected activity, the number of people, terrain, daylight and the walk-ability all have a part in the decision. Getting this right can make the difference between successful sense of place or no-man’s-land. JPRA’s planners have that informed intuition because we travel, listen, observe, photograph and share. We love it. 


Our team of architectural planners has done it all. And, we don’t forget the little things like where the trash goes. Planners today need to solve the program and help create visions that can tell a compelling story. We have to plan and help sell each vision.

You Have Three Days. And. Go!

Sometimes opportunities arrive with short notice and we have to pull a rabbit out of a hat. It’s what is needed to get the deal done. A sketch on a cocktail napkin sent via smartphone from 30,000 feet needs to be vetted, modeled and reasonably translated into a story. And we have three days. In the 1980s, this meant designers pulled all-nighters and built foam core models while fueled with plenty of coffee and cigarettes. In the 1990s, it was all-nighters watching the one geek who knew how to computer model reboot his machine a dozen times as we binged on Mountain Dew and Cheetos. Today, we are all geeks  with skilz, and the technology has caught up to the speed of our imaginations.


For several years, we have been reimagining empty anchor boxes from sketch to reality. From complete teardowns to theater overbuilds, we have the experience to know what works from the initial sketch. Our experience paired with cutting edge tech is what allows us to sleep at night. Plus, our experience allows YOU to sleep at night, too!

Master Plan It
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